Tunisia vector Map for Garmin and compatible devices


The project is closed! Due to lack of time, data and money.

Please read:

The Map is only working on Garmin own GPS Map Receiver or on PocketPC with Garmin own Software or compatible Software!
On the PC it is visible only with the
Garmin Mapping Software (Mapsource)!

Enjoy the map,


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last Map: Tunisia V13

This routable map with topo lines contains all mountain- and sahara dirt roads, most of the important roads (but not all), many pois like campings, fuel stations, hotels, rom. ruins, nationalparks, ksars, wells and other sight seeings!

The accuracy of this map is good because I used only GPS recorded tracks! (I didn't vectorize in any way a raster map like other maps). The map is very small with a lot of informations and very fast in the GPS device.

The autorouting is very simple (not that good compared to prof. maps.) But you can use it for calculating distances. Don't use it in the cities or highway!

PS: If you have Tunisia  > V10 the existings installations will be overwritten!

Download: Tunisia V13

The streets and dirt roads of the Map are built from 99% GPS Tracks. 

After download and start the setup software, the map will installed in Mapsource. Start Mapsource go to the map and change to more detailed view.



The Map is loaded automatically into Mapsource when finished the install program. You can transfer the map with the Garmin own program Mapsource ® to your GPS Device. The files will extracted usually to the folder c:\FreeGarminMaps\Tunisia4x4Travel .

An other way is to navigate with your GPS connected PocketPC and the navigation software which can load this map.



Best way is to deactivate the Basemap on your GPS Device. Play with the levels for the POIs and the detail levels.

 Use of the maps on own danger. I exclude hereby any adhesion:

-for damage/failure at your software installations
-for contents of the map develops as well as for operating system and for damage/failure on handling with the map

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